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Updated download and git links. List release key fingerprint.

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Get the latest version by <a
href="">http</a> or <a
href="">https</a> or <a
Recent releases are signed with the following PGP key:
pub 2560R/28C67298 2013-01-07
Key fingerprint = 343C 2FF0 FBEE 5EC2 EDBE F399 F359 9FF8 28C6 7298
uid Niels Möller &lt;;
<h2> Language bindings </h2>
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The public git repository for Nettle is located at <a
After checkout, you need to run the <tt>.bootstrap</tt> script
before the standard <tt>./configure &amp;&amp; make</tt>.
......@@ -75,7 +85,7 @@
directory organization used to be a bit different, building old
versions of Nettle from the current git repository does not work out
of the box. To do that, you have to check out historic versions from
the <a href=''>LSH repository</a>
the <a href=''>LSH repository</a>
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