Commit 98affc68 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Document intermediate values for first

test case.

Rev: src/nettle/testsuite/md5-test.c:1.6
parent 2253aab7
......@@ -92,3 +92,25 @@ test_main(void)
/* Intermediate values for the single _nettle_md5_compress call for
the first test case. Each row gives the values for a, b, c, d after
the i:th round. The row i = -1 gives the initial values, and i = 99
gives the output values.
i a b c d
-1: 67452301 efcdab89 98badcfe 10325476
0: a5202774 efcdab89 98badcfe 10325476
1: a5202774 efcdab89 98badcfe f59592dd
15: f56c7cf1 d6819c6a 5aa53f75 374943a7
16: 1c7d7513 d6819c6a 5aa53f75 374943a7
17: 1c7d7513 d6819c6a 5aa53f75 7bd57a3a
31: 13707036 a2205f1f 1c31c384 ae7813db
32: df63eaa1 a2205f1f 1c31c384 ae7813db
33: df63eaa1 a2205f1f 1c31c384 c3689f5b
47: 3f55edfd ca7d2dbd 68d84ea2 22a31f54
48: 93aa2577 ca7d2dbd 68d84ea2 22a31f54
49: 93aa2577 ca7d2dbd 68d84ea2 1688dc85
63: 7246fad3 14e45506 ff4ea3eb 6e10a476
99: d98c1dd4 4b2008f 980980e9 7e42f8ec
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