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NEWS entry for 2.0.

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NEWS for the 2.0 release
This release breaks binary compatibility by splitting the
library into two. Some other smaller changes that are not
backwards compatible are also done at the same time.
* The nettle library is split into two libraries, libnettle
and libhogweed. libnettle contains the symmetric crypto
algorithms that don't depend on GMP, while libhogweed
contains the public key algorithms that depend on GMP.
Using a single library worked fine with static linking, but
not with dynamic linking. Consider an application that uses
nettle and which doesn't use any public key cryptography. If
this application is linked dynamically to nettle, it would
have to be linked also with GMP if and only if public key
support was enabled when the nettle library was installed.
The library names are and, with sonames and
* Function typedefs have been changed to non-pointer types.
E.g, the
typedef void (nettle_hash_init_func *)(void *ctx);
of previous versions is replaced by
typedef void (nettle_hash_init_func)(void *ctx);
This makes it possible to use the type when declaring
functions, like
nettle_hash_init_func foo_hash_init;
void foo_hash_init(void *ctx) { ... }
* Changes to the yarrow256 interface. The automatic seed file
generation, and the seed_file member in struct
yarrow256_ctx, has been removed. To generate a new seed
file, use yarrow256_random. The function
yarrow256_force_reseed has been replaced by the two
functions yarrow256_fast_reseed and yarrow256_slow_reseed,
which were previously static. This interface change makes it
easier to mix in the current content of the seed file before
overwriting it with newly generated data.
Other changes:
* The sexp-conv program preserves comments when using the
advanced syntax for output. Optionally locks the output
* The base64 decoder recognizes ASCII FF (form feed) and VT
(vertical tab) as white space.
* New x86_64 implementations of AES and SHA1. On a 2.2 GHz
opteron, SHA1 was benchmarked at 250 MByte/s, and AES-128 at
110 MByte/s.
* Performance of AES increased by 20-30% on x86.
* New programs in the examples directory: erathostenes and
NEWS for the 1.15 release
Added support for PKCS#1 style RSA signatures using SHA256,
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