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Testcases for ed25519.

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2014-10-21 Niels Möller <> 2014-10-21 Niels Möller <>
* testsuite/ed25519-test.c: New test case. Optionally reads the
file pointed to by $ED25519_SIGN_INPUT.
* testsuite/testutils.c (tstring_hex): Rewrite, using Nettle's * testsuite/testutils.c (tstring_hex): Rewrite, using Nettle's
base16 functions. base16 functions.
(decode_hex, decode_hex_length): Deleted functions. (decode_hex, decode_hex_length): Deleted functions.
...@@ -235,6 +235,9 @@ eddsa-sign-test$(EXEEXT): eddsa-sign-test.$(OBJEXT) ...@@ -235,6 +235,9 @@ eddsa-sign-test$(EXEEXT): eddsa-sign-test.$(OBJEXT)
eddsa-verify-test$(EXEEXT): eddsa-verify-test.$(OBJEXT) eddsa-verify-test$(EXEEXT): eddsa-verify-test.$(OBJEXT)
$(LINK) eddsa-verify-test.$(OBJEXT) $(TEST_OBJS) -o eddsa-verify-test$(EXEEXT) $(LINK) eddsa-verify-test.$(OBJEXT) $(TEST_OBJS) -o eddsa-verify-test$(EXEEXT)
ed25519-test$(EXEEXT): ed25519-test.$(OBJEXT)
$(LINK) ed25519-test.$(OBJEXT) $(TEST_OBJS) -o ed25519-test$(EXEEXT)
sha1-huge-test$(EXEEXT): sha1-huge-test.$(OBJEXT) sha1-huge-test$(EXEEXT): sha1-huge-test.$(OBJEXT)
$(LINK) sha1-huge-test.$(OBJEXT) $(TEST_OBJS) -o sha1-huge-test$(EXEEXT) $(LINK) sha1-huge-test.$(OBJEXT) $(TEST_OBJS) -o sha1-huge-test$(EXEEXT)
...@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ TS_HOGWEED_SOURCES = sexp-test.c sexp-format-test.c \ ...@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ TS_HOGWEED_SOURCES = sexp-test.c sexp-format-test.c \
ecdsa-sign-test.c ecdsa-verify-test.c \ ecdsa-sign-test.c ecdsa-verify-test.c \
ecdsa-keygen-test.c ecdh-test.c \ ecdsa-keygen-test.c ecdh-test.c \
eddsa-compress-test.c eddsa-sign-test.c \ eddsa-compress-test.c eddsa-sign-test.c \
eddsa-verify-test.c eddsa-verify-test.c ed25519-test.c
CXX_SOURCES = cxx-test.cxx CXX_SOURCES = cxx-test.cxx
/* ed25519-test.c
Copyright (C) 2014 Niels Möller
This file is part of GNU Nettle.
GNU Nettle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of either:
* the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.
* the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
option) any later version.
or both in parallel, as here.
GNU Nettle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received copies of the GNU General Public License and
the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this program. If
not, see
#include "testutils.h"
#include <errno.h>
#include "eddsa.h"
#include "base16.h"
static void
decode_hex (size_t length, uint8_t *dst, const char *src)
struct base16_decode_ctx ctx;
size_t out_size;
base16_decode_init (&ctx);
ASSERT (base16_decode_update (&ctx, &out_size, dst, 2*length, src));
ASSERT (out_size == length);
ASSERT (base16_decode_final (&ctx));
/* Processes a single line in the format of
sk pk : pk : m : s m :
where sk (secret key) and pk (public key) are 32 bytes each, m is
variable size, and s is 64 bytes. All values hex encoded.
static void
test_one (const char *line)
const char *p;
const char *mp;
uint8_t sk[ED25519_KEY_SIZE];
uint8_t pk[ED25519_KEY_SIZE];
uint8_t s[ED25519_SIGNATURE_SIZE];
uint8_t *msg;
size_t msg_size;
uint8_t s2[ED25519_SIGNATURE_SIZE];
struct ed25519_public_key pub;
struct ed25519_private_key priv;
decode_hex (ED25519_KEY_SIZE, sk, line);
p = strchr (line, ':');
ASSERT (p == line + 128);
decode_hex (ED25519_KEY_SIZE, pk, p);
p = strchr (p, ':');
ASSERT (p == line + 193);
mp = ++p;
p = strchr (p, ':');
ASSERT ((p - mp) % 2 == 0);
msg_size = (p - mp) / 2;
decode_hex (ED25519_SIGNATURE_SIZE, s, p+1);
msg = xalloc (msg_size + 1);
msg[msg_size] = 'x';
decode_hex (msg_size, msg, mp);
ed25519_sha512_set_private_key (&priv, sk);
ed25519_sha512_sign (&priv, msg_size, msg, s2);
ASSERT (ed25519_sha512_set_public_key (&pub, pk));
ASSERT (ed25519_sha512_verify (&pub, msg_size, msg, s));
s2[ED25519_SIGNATURE_SIZE/3] ^= 0x40;
ASSERT (!ed25519_sha512_verify (&pub, msg_size, msg, s2));
memcpy (s2, s, ED25519_SIGNATURE_SIZE);
s2[2*ED25519_SIGNATURE_SIZE/3] ^= 0x40;
ASSERT (!ed25519_sha512_verify (&pub, msg_size, msg, s2));
ASSERT (!ed25519_sha512_verify (&pub, msg_size + 1, msg, s));
if (msg_size > 0)
msg[msg_size-1] ^= 0x20;
ASSERT (!ed25519_sha512_verify (&pub, msg_size, msg, s));
free (msg);
const char *input = getenv ("ED25519_SIGN_INPUT");
if (input)
size_t buf_size;
char *buf;
FILE *f = fopen (input, "r");
if (!f)
die ("Opening input file '%s' failed: %s\n",
input, strerror (errno));
for (buf = NULL; getline (&buf, &buf_size, f) >= 0; )
test_one (buf);
free (buf);
fclose (f);
/* First few lines only */
test_one ("9d61b19deffd5a60ba844af492ec2cc44449c5697b326919703bac031cae7f60d75a980182b10ab7d54bfed3c964073a0ee172f3daa62325af021a68f707511a:d75a980182b10ab7d54bfed3c964073a0ee172f3daa62325af021a68f707511a::e5564300c360ac729086e2cc806e828a84877f1eb8e5d974d873e065224901555fb8821590a33bacc61e39701cf9b46bd25bf5f0595bbe24655141438e7a100b:");
test_one ("4ccd089b28ff96da9db6c346ec114e0f5b8a319f35aba624da8cf6ed4fb8a6fb3d4017c3e843895a92b70aa74d1b7ebc9c982ccf2ec4968cc0cd55f12af4660c:3d4017c3e843895a92b70aa74d1b7ebc9c982ccf2ec4968cc0cd55f12af4660c:72:92a009a9f0d4cab8720e820b5f642540a2b27b5416503f8fb3762223ebdb69da085ac1e43e15996e458f3613d0f11d8c387b2eaeb4302aeeb00d291612bb0c0072:");
test_one ("c5aa8df43f9f837bedb7442f31dcb7b166d38535076f094b85ce3a2e0b4458f7fc51cd8e6218a1a38da47ed00230f0580816ed13ba3303ac5deb911548908025:fc51cd8e6218a1a38da47ed00230f0580816ed13ba3303ac5deb911548908025:af82:6291d657deec24024827e69c3abe01a30ce548a284743a445e3680d7db5ac3ac18ff9b538d16f290ae67f760984dc6594a7c15e9716ed28dc027beceea1ec40aaf82:");
test_one ("0d4a05b07352a5436e180356da0ae6efa0345ff7fb1572575772e8005ed978e9e61a185bcef2613a6c7cb79763ce945d3b245d76114dd440bcf5f2dc1aa57057:e61a185bcef2613a6c7cb79763ce945d3b245d76114dd440bcf5f2dc1aa57057:cbc77b:d9868d52c2bebce5f3fa5a79891970f309cb6591e3e1702a70276fa97c24b3a8e58606c38c9758529da50ee31b8219cba45271c689afa60b0ea26c99db19b00ccbc77b:");
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