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Started on NEWS entries for 3.1.

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NEWS for the Nettle 3.1 release
This release adds a couple of new features.
XXX The shared library names???
Bug fixes:
* Eliminate out-of-bounds reads in the C implementation of
memxor (related to valgrind's --partial-loads-ok flag).
Interface changes:
* Declarations of many internal functions are moved from ecc.h
to ecc-internal.h. The functions are undocumented, and
luckily they're apparently also unused by applications, so I
don't expect any problems from this change.
New features:
* Support for curve25519 and for EdDSA25519 signatures.
* Support for "fat builds" on x86_64 and arm, where the
implementation of certain functions is selected at run-time
depending on available cpu features. Configure with
--enable-fat to try this out. If it turns out to work well
enough, it will likely be enabled by default in later
* Support for building the hogweed library (public key
support) using "mini-gmp", a small but slower implementation
of a subset of the GMP interfaces. Note that builds using
mini-gmp are *not* binary compatible with regular builds,
and more likely to leak side-channel information.
One intended usecase is for small embedded applications
which need to verify digital signatures.
XXX * The shared libraries are now built with versioned symbols.
Should reduce problems in case a program links explicitly
both to nettle and/or hogweed, and to gnutls, and the
program and gnutls expects different versions.
* New x86_64 implementation of AES, using the "aesni"
instructions. Autodetected in fat builds. In non-fat builds,
it has to be enabled explicitly with --enable-x86-aesni.
Build system:
* Use the same object files for both static and shared
libraries. This eliminates the *.po object files which were
confusing to some tools (as well as humans). Like before,
PIC code is used by default; to build a non-pic static
library, configure with --disable-pic --disable-shared.
* Made type-checking hack in CBC_ENCRYPT and similar macros
stricter, to generate warnings if they are used with
functions which have a length argument smaller than size_t.
NEWS for the Nettle 3.0 release
This is a major release, including several interface changes,
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