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Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.116
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2010-10-06 Niels Mller <>
* memxor.c (memxor3): Optimized.
(memxor3_common_alignment): New function.
(memxor3_different_alignment_b): New function.
(memxor3_different_alignment_ab): New function.
(memxor3_different_alignment_all): New function.
* examples/nettle-benchmark.c (time_function): Reorganized, to
reduce overhead.
(time_memxor): Also benchmark memxor3.
* x86_64/memxor.asm: New file.
* examples/nettle-benchmark.c (overhead): New global variable.
(time_function): Compensate for call overhead.
(bench_nothing, time_overhead): New functions.
(time_memxor): Tweaked src size, making it an integral number of
(main): Call time_overhead.
2010-10-01 Niels Mller <>
* x86_64/camellia-crypt-internal.asm (ROUND): Reordered sbox
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