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Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.216
Rev: nettle/NEWS:1.14
parent ae76b86e
2011-08-29 Niels Mller <>
* sha512.c: (COMPRESS): New macro wrapping _nettle_sha512_compress.
(sha512_update): Use MD_UPDATE.
(sha512_final): Deleted function.
(sha512_write_digest): Use MD_FINAL.
* sha256.c (COMPRESS): New macro wrapping _nettle_sha256_compress.
(SHA256_INCR): Deleted macro.
(sha256_update): Use MD_UPDATE.
(sha256_final): Deleted function.
(sha256_write_digest): New function, replacing sha256_final, and
using MD_FINAL.
(sha256_digest): Use sha256_write_digest.
(sha224_digest): Likewise.
* tools/nettle-hash.c (list_algorithms): Fixed typo in header.
* sha1.c (SHA1_DATA_LENGTH): Deleted unused macro.
(sha1_init): Use memcpy to initialize the state vector.
(SHA1_INCR): Deleted macro.
(sha1_update): Use MD_UPDATE macro, to reduce code duplication.
(sha1_digest): Use MD_FINAL macro.
(sha1_final): Deleted function.
* sha.h (struct sha1_ctx): Renamed attribute digest to state.
* macros.h (MD_UPDATE): New macro.
(MD_FINAL): New macro.
2011-08-28 Niels Mller <>
* ripemd160.c (ripemd160_final): Use LE_WRITE_UINT32. Deleted byte
swapping at the end, leaving it to ripemd160_digest.
(ripemd160_digest): Use _nettle_write_le32.
(ripemd160_digest): Use _nettle_write_le32.
* (nettle_SOURCES): Added write-le32.c.
NEWS for the 2.3 release
* In the context struct sha1_ctx renamed the attribute
"digest" to "state". Applications should not peek inside
this struct, and the ABI is unchanged.
NEWS for the 2.2 release
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