Tool to maintain documentational DNS zones.

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Tool used to maintain the following kind of documentational DNS zone.

$ dig +short -t txt rtfm.arrakis.se | sort
$ dig +short -t txt gs-tabs.rtfm.arrakis.se
"gsettings set org.gnome.shell.app-switcher current-workspace-only true"
$ dig +short -t txt tsig.rtfm.arrakis.se
"dnssec-keygen -a hmac-sha256 -b 256 -n HOST host1-host2"

It's built around doing Dynamic DNS updates, and uses dnspython under the hood.

See also https://blog.bogosity.se/2016/11/06/oneliners-in-dns/.


To use dnslines you need to setup a dedicated dynamic zone. You will also need to configure a TSIG key with the permissions to do updates as well as (preferably) zone transfers.

Client side all configuration come in the form of environment variables.

Required config

  • DNSLINES_ALG: Algorithm used by the TSIG key
  • DNSLINES_NAME: Name of the TSIG key
  • DNSLINES_SECRET: The actual TSIG key
  • DNSLINES_ZONE: Name of the zone to maintain.

Optional config

  • DNSLINES_SERVER: DNS Server to update against. Defaults to the SOA MNAME.
  • DNSLINES_TTL: TTL value to set. Defaults to 300.

Example config

export DNSLINES_ALG="hmac-sha256"
export DNSLINES_NAME="foo-bar"
export DNSLINES_SECRET="DNSS8AI9rkRaKGEcE/f70hN21zSebSPWe0hCU295LjA="
export DNSLINES_SERVER="ns-master.example.net"
export DNSLINES_ZONE="dnsdocs.example.net"


$ dnslines --help
  dnslines --add <name> <oneliner>
  dnslines --set <name> <oneliner>
  dnslines --delete <name>
  dnslines --reindex
  dnslines --help

 -h, --help
    Prints this help message.
 -a, --add <name> <oneliner>
    Adds a new oneliner. Will fail if name already exists.
 -s, --set <name> <oneliner>
    Sets a oneliner. Will overwrite if name already exists.
 -d, --delete <name>
    Deletes a oneliner.
    Rebuilds the index. Ideally never needed.


dnslines is available under the MIT license.