Commit 1045be15 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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* (EXTRA_DIST): Added memxor.h.

(libnettleinclude_HEADERS): Install headers in

Rev: src/nettle/
parent 0aa37abd
SUBDIRS = . testsuite
libnettleincludedir = $(includedir)/nettle
lib_LIBRARIES = libnettle.a
include_HEADERS = arcfour.h
libnettleinclude_HEADERS = arcfour.h
libnettleincludedir = $(includedir)/nettle
libnettle_a_SOURCES = aes.c aes.h arcfour.c arcfour.h md5.c md5.h
libnettle_a_LIBADD = @LIBOBJS@
EXTRA_DIST = macros.h
EXTRA_DIST = macros.h memxor.h
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