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fix GCM capitalization

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......@@ -1472,7 +1472,7 @@ processing them independently with the block cipher (Electronic Code
Book mode, @acronym{ECB}) leaks information. Besides @acronym{ECB},
Nettle provides three other modes of operation: Cipher Block Chaining
(@acronym{CBC}), Counter mode (@acronym{CTR}), and Galois/Counter mode
(@acronym{gcm}). @acronym{CBC} is widely used, but there are a few
(@acronym{GCM}). @acronym{CBC} is widely used, but there are a few
subtle issues of information leakage, see, e.g.,
@uref{, @acronym{SSH} @acronym{CBC}
vulnerability}. @acronym{CTR} and @acronym{GCM}
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