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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.344
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2005-10-15 Niels Möller <>
* sparc/machine.m4 (AES_LOAD, AES_ROUND): Started writing new AES
* sparc/aes-encrypt-internal.asm: New file.
2005-10-14 Niels Möller <>
* x86/aes-decrypt.asm, x86/aes-encrypt.asm: Deleted files.
* x86/aes-decrypt-internal.asm: New file.
* x86/machine.m4: Changed AES macros, to handle a table register.
Also take more of the used registers as argument.
* x86/aes-encrypt-internal.asm: Rewritten to match new interface,
with the table pointer as an argument. Unlike the old code, this
should really be position independent.
* When looking for assembler files, link in
aes-encrypt-internal.asm and aes-decrypt-internal.asm. Don't look
for aes.asm, aes-encrypt.asm and aes-decrypt.asm.
* (OBJDUMP): Use AC_CHECK_TOOL to check for objdump.
(ASM_MARK_NOEXEC_STACK): Use $OBJDUMP when examining the object file.
* (nettle_SOURCES): Removed aes.c,
aes-decrypt-table.c. Added aes-decrypt-internal.c and aes-encrypt-internal.c.
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