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(Hash functions): Document ripemd-160.

Rev: nettle/nettle.texinfo:1.25
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......@@ -462,6 +462,43 @@ This function also resets the context in the same way as
@end deftypefun
@subsection @acronym{RIPEMD160}
RIPEMD160 is a hash function designed by Hans Dobbertin, Antoon
Bosselaers, and Bart Preneel, as a strengthened version of RIPEMD
(which, like MD4 and MD5, fails the collision-resistance requirement).
It produces message digests of 160 bits, or 20 octets. Nettle defined
RIPEMD160 in @file{nettle/ripemd160.h}.
@deftp {Context struct} {struct ripemd160_ctx}
@end deftp
@defvr Constant RIPEMD160_DIGEST_SIZE
The size of an RIPEMD160 digest, i.e. 20.
@end defvr
@defvr Constant RIPEMD160_DATA_SIZE
The internal block size of RIPEMD160.
@end defvr
@deftypefun void ripemd160_init (struct ripemd160_ctx *@var{ctx})
Initialize the RIPEMD160 state.
@end deftypefun
@deftypefun void ripemd160_update (struct ripemd160_ctx *@var{ctx}, unsigned @var{length}, const uint8_t *@var{data})
Hash some more data.
@end deftypefun
@deftypefun void ripemd160_digest (struct ripemd160_ctx *@var{ctx}, unsigned @var{length}, uint8_t *@var{digest})
Performs final processing and extracts the message digest, writing it
to @var{digest}. @var{length} may be smaller than
@code{RIPEMD160_DIGEST_SIZE}, in which case only the first @var{length}
octets of the digest are written.
This function also resets the context in the same way as
@end deftypefun
@subsection @acronym{SHA1}
SHA1 is a hash function specified by @dfn{NIST} (The U.S. National Institute
......@@ -673,6 +710,7 @@ The last three attributes are function pointers, of types
@deftypevr {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_md2
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_md4
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_md5
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_ripemd160
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_sha1
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_sha224
@deftypevrx {Constant Struct} {struct nettle_hash} nettle_sha256
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