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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.112
parent 153b958f
2002-10-01 Niels Mller <>
* examples/run-tests (test_program): Use basename.
* examples/teardown-env: Delete some more files.
* examples/run-tests (test_program): Strip directory part of
displayed name.
* examples/ (TS_PROGS): New variable. Run tests.
* examples/io.c (read_file): Bug fix, used to overwrite pointer.
* examples/rsa-keygen.c (main): Bug fix, private key wasn't
written properly.
* testsuite/ Some cleanup of make check.
* examples/setup-env, examples/teardown-env: Test environment scripts.
* examples/rsa-verify-test, examples/rsa-sign-test: New test cases.
* examples/run-tests: New file (copied from lsh testsuite).
* examples/ Use EXTRA_PROGRAMS and @RSA_EXAMPLES@.
* examples/rsa-sign.c: No need to include config.h. Use werror
instead of fprintf.
* examples/rsa-verify.c: Likewise.
* examples/rsa-keygen.c: Likewise.
* examples/io.h: Forward declare struct rsa_public_key and struct
rsa_private_key, to avoid dependences on config.h.
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