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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.138
parent 217a6051
2002-10-30 Niels Mller <>
* Added base16 files.
* examples/sexp-conv-test: New tests for transport output.
* examples/sexp-conv.c: Deleted hex functions, moved to Nettle's
base16 files.
(struct sexp_output): Represent the current encoding as a
nettle_armor pointer and a state struct.
(sexp_output_init): Deleted MODE argument. Now passed to functions
that need it.
(sexp_get_char): Updated to new base64 conventions.
(sexp_get_base64_string): Likewise.
(sexp_put_raw_char): New function.
(sexp_put_newline): Use sexp_put_raw_char.
(sexp_put_char): Use nettle_armor interface for encoding data.
Use OUTPUT->coding_indent for line breaking, so the INDENT
argument was deleted.
(sexp_put_code_start): New function, replacing sexp_put_base64_start.
(sexp_put_code_end): New function, replacing sexp_put_base64_end.
(sexp_put_data): Deleted argument INDENT.
(sexp_puts): Likewise.
(sexp_put_length): Likewise.
(sexp_put_list_start): Likewise.
(sexp_put_list_end): Likewise.
(sexp_put_display_start): Likewise.
(sexp_put_display_end): Likewise.
(sexp_put_string): Likewise. Also changed base64 handling.
(sexp_convert_string): Deleted argument INDENT. New argument
(sexp_convert_list): New argument MODE_OUT.
(sexp_convert_file): Likewise.
(sexp_convert_item): Likewise. Also handle output in transport
(match_argument): Simple string comparison.
(main): Adapted to above changes.
* testsuite/testutils.c (test_armor): Allocate a larger buffer
CHECK, to make decode_update happy. Updated to new base64
* testsuite/base64-test.c (test_main): Fixed overlap test to not
change the base64 before decoding. Updated to new base64
* testsuite/ (TS_PROGS): Added base16-test.
* testsuite/base16-test.c: New test.
* sexp-transport.c (sexp_transport_iterator_first): Updated to new
conventions for base64_decode_update and base64_decode_final.
* nettle-meta.h: Updated ascii armor declarations. New declaration
for nettle_base16.
* base64-decode.c (base64_decode_single): Return -1 on error.
Also keep track of the number of padding characters ('=') seen.
(base64_decode_update): New argument dst_length. Return -1 on error.
(base64_decode_status): Renamed function...
(base64_decode_final): ... to this.
* base64.h (struct base64_decode_ctx): Deleted STATUS attribute.
Added PADDING attribute.
* base16.h, base16-encode.c, base16-decode.c, base16-meta.c: New
2002-10-28 Niels Mller <>
* examples/sexp-conv.c (struct hex_decode_ctx): New hex decoding
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