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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.96
parent 5515ceb8
2002-05-15 Niels Möller <>
* x86/machine.m4: Renamed AES_LAST_ROUND to AES_FINAL_ROUND.
Updated users.
* x86/aes-decrypt.asm (aes_decrypt): Use the AES_LOAD macro.
(aes_decrypt): Start using AES_ROUND.
(aes_decrypt): Use AES_LAST_ROUND.
* x86/aes-decrypt.asm (aes_decrypt): Moved function to a separate
* x86/aes.asm: ... from here.
* x86/aes.asm (aes_decrypt): Use _aes_decrypt_table instead of
itbl1-4. Commented out the inclusion of aes_tables.asm.
(aes_decrypt): Use _aes_decrypt_table instead of isbox.
* x86/aes-decrypt.asm: New file, empty at the start.
* (libnettle_a_SOURCES): Added aes-decrypt-table.c.
* aes-decrypt.c (_aes_decrypt_table): Moved from this file...
* aes-decrypt-table.c (_aes_decrypt_table): ... to a new file.
* testsuite/aes-test.out: New file, with the output of
testsuite/aes-test, when aes.c has been compiled with debugging
printouts of intermediate state.
2002-05-15 Niels Möller <> 2002-05-15 Niels Möller <>
* x86/aes-encrypt.asm (aes_encrypt): Use test instead of cmpl $0,. * x86/aes-encrypt.asm (aes_encrypt): Use test instead of cmpl $0,.
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