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    Generate protocol-a-recommended.txt and protocol-a-current.txt. · 11438b8c
    Per Cederqvist authored
    (prot_a_type.__init__): Initialize __recommended to 0.
    (prot_a_type.use): New argument: recommended.  All callers
    	updated.  Set the __recommended flag once a recommended
    	request or async uses this type.
    (prot_a_builtin.use_recurse): Ditto.
    (prot_a_type.recommended): New method.
    (lexer.__parse_type): Replaced the protover arguemnt with a
    	request object.  All callers updated.
    (lexer.__parse_request_arg): Ditto.
    (generate_stable_output): New argument: filename,
    (generate_summary_output): New function.
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