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    Renamed sync_output_header to foutput_header, and clean up the · ba79469c
    Per Cederqvist authored
    time handling.  This is more preparation for bug 1616.
    * src/server/simple-cache.c (sync_output_header): Renamed to
    foutput_header and moved to ram-output.c.  All callers updated.
    * src/server/ramkomd.c (current_time): Moved to server-time.c.
    (main): Use set_initial_time instead of calling gettimeofday and
    accessing current_time directly.
    * src/server/ram-output.c, src/server/ram-output.h
    (foutput_header): Renamed from sync_output_header.  Use
    output_format instead of a hardcoding it to 2.
    * src/server/dbck.c (main): Call set_initial_time().
    * src/server/dbck-cache.c (sync_output_header): Use foutput_header
    to output a format 2 header.
    * src/server/server-time.c: New file.
    (current_time): Moved here from ramkomd.c.
    * src/server/server-time.c, src/server/server-time.h
    (set_time): Moved here from connections.c.
    (set_initial_time): New function.
    * src/server/connections.c (set_ time): Moved to server-time.c.
    * src/server/Makefile.am (GENOBJS): Added server-time.c.
    (DBCK): Ditto.
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