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    Refuse to run the test suite if expect is broken. · 7f11c20f
    Per Cederqvist authored
    This causes "make check" to fail quickly if running on an expect that
    has broken handling of zero-lenght writes, or if expect is really,
    really slow due to broken glob gate.
    * src/server/testsuite/ (check-l2g): Depend on
    (check-lyskomd): Ditto.
    (check-leaks): Ditto.
    (working-dejagnu): New target.
    (EXTRA_DIST): Added dejagnu.0/00-zero-length-write.exp and
    * src/server/testsuite/dejagnu.0/00-zero-length-write.exp: New
    test, that fails on known bad versions of expect.
    * src/server/testsuite/dejagnu.0/90-slow-glob-gate.exp: New test,
    that fails if a simple regexp pattern causes expect to run too
    slow, indicating that it is converted to a glob pattern that
    causes a lot of backtracking.
    * src/server/testsuite/.gitignore: Ignore dejagnu.log and
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