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Added preliminary news for 1.8.0.

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Changes in lyskomd 1.8.0 (Release date 1995-11-??)
* WARNING: This release of lyskomd contains an incompatible change in
the database format. Once lyskomd 1.8.0 saves the database you
cannot revert to older versions of 1.7.1. This is because a
Conf-type now is 8 bits long. The protocol is, of course, backwards
compatible, so you do not need to upgrade the clients to be able to
run lyskomd 1.8.0. Just make sure you save a copy of your database.
* If configured with --with-gnu-malloc lyskomd will use the GNU malloc
package instead of the system-supplied malloc. GNU malloc is
included in the distribution.
* The asynchronous message async_rejected_connection is now sent at
most once per minute.
* Lyskomd 1.8.0 implements protocol A level 8. See doc/prot-A.txt for
information about the new features it contains.
* You can now specify where lyskomd should dump core (if that should
ever happen) using the "Core directory" parameter.
* Can now handle 1500000 texts and 4765 persons/conferences.
* Text garbing can now be turned off completely from the config file.
* dbck -t now dumps a list of all existing text numbers to stdout.
* Some minor portability fixes. Some bug fixes. See the various
ChangeLogs for details.
Changes in lyskomd 1.7.1 (Release date 1995-01-08)
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