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(Document Edition History): Document edition 10.4.

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......@@ -9480,9 +9480,54 @@ All calls from 0--56.
@table @asis
@item 10.4: 2001-04-07
Editorial changes needed to publish an online version on the web at
@item 10.4: 2001-05-24
@emph{Fixed errors:} Fixed the description of the @code{old-pwd} argument
to @reqlink{set-passwd}. The content-type x-kom/basic was renamed
to text/x-kom-basic.
@emph{Previously undocumented stuff:} Documented several previously
undocumented aspects of the protocol: the hello string used during
connection establishment, the @code{items-to-delete} and
@code{items-to-add} arguments of @req{modify-system-info}, the
@code{type} argument of @req{add-member} (including the fact that the
invitation membership flag is automatically set in some
circumstances), that a client can issue many requests at once (and
that the replies are sent back in order).
@emph{New stuff:} Registered the "rkom" user-area block.
@emph{New aux-items:} The following predefined aux-items were added:
@aux{canonical-name} [31], @aux{mx-list-name} [32]
@aux{mx-mime-belongs-to} [10100], @aux{mx-mime-part-in} [10101],
@aux{mx-mime-misc} [10102], @aux{mx-envelope-sender} [10103] and
@aux{mx-mime-file-name} [10104]. Those aux-items with a number higher
than 10000 were previously documented in this document, but they now
have the status of predefined aux-items.
@emph{Editorial changes:} Lots of editorial changes needed to publish an
online version on the web at
@uref{}. Many minor syntax
errors corrected, and much missing Texinfo markup added. The document
now makes heavy use of Texinfo macros. Due to bugs in the current
version of @file{texinfo.tex} this file cannot currently be typeset
using @TeX{}. (All bugs are reported to the Texinfo maintainers.)
@req{get-membership-old}, @req{get-membership} and @req{login} used to
take an argument of type @code{BITSTRING(@var{a-single-field})}. The
type has now been changed to @type{BOOL} instead, to simplify the
description. The encoding of the protocol is unchanged.
The indices are now joined into a single index. More terms have been
added to it. Many sections of text were moved around to make it
easier to find information. Some non-normative information was moved
to appendices. Removed a few non-normative empty sections.
This edition was published on the web; no lyskomd release was imminent
when the edition was finished. Future editions will also be published
on the web; most of them will likely be published at the same time as
a lyskomd release is made. They will continue to be included in the
lyskomd releases.
@item 10.3: 2000-09-09
Several aux-items can be set on letterboxes and not only conferences. A
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