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Fri Feb 21 01:45:35 1992 Per Cederqvist (ceder@robin)
* SYNC_TIMEOUT (server-config.c): Decreased from 10 millisec to 0.
It takes some 2 hours for the server at Lysator to save the
entire data base, and that is a bit too long...
* main (dbck.c): New flag: -s. Prints some extra statistics.
* print_statistics (dbck.c): New function that prints statistics
about the lengths of texts.
* (prot-a-parse-arg-c.awk): Fixed a syntax error. (gawk could
handle the file, but awk could not).
Sun Jan 12 02:30:34 1992 Per Cederqvist (ceder at lysator)
* prot_a_get_token (prot-a-parse.[ch]): Then function is now static.
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