Commit 15e30775 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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import.make is now also selected depending on host type.

parent dd5a405d
# $Id: Config,v 1.2 1991/08/30 02:32:32 ceder Exp $
[ -d include ] || mkdir include
case "$1" in
balance) ln -s ../config/balance-config.h include/m-config.h;;
sun4) ln -s ../config/sun4os4-config.h include/m-config.h;;
*) echo Unknown host $1.;;
exit 1
+help | +hel | +he | +h | -h | -H)
echo Usage: ./Config hosttype
echo where hosttype is one of
echo balance sparc
ln -s ../config/balance-config.h include/m-config.h
ln -s ../config/balance-defs.make scripts/import.make;;
sun4 | sun4os4 | sparc | sparcos4)
ln -s ../config/sun4os4-config.h include/m-config.h
ln -s ../config/sun4os4-defs.make scripts/import.make;;
*) echo Unsupported host type "$1".
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