Commit 1d31ebf6 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Various changes.

parent f56c3421
Sat Aug 24 17:36:43 1991 Per Cederqvist (ceder at lysator)
* simple-cache.c: Anv{nde FILENAME_MAX i st{llet f|r 1024.
* limits.h (MAX_TEXT) |kade till 200003.
Wed Aug 14 02:11:17 1991 Per Cederqvist (ceder at lysator)
* Makefile(LIBS): La till -lresolv.
* config.c(WHITESPACE): La till \r. Det g}r inte att koppla upp en
telnet till server version 0.31.6.
Sat May 18 04:22:06 1991 Per Cederqvist (ceder at nanny)
* Installerade och startade diskomd 0.29.1.
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