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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
@c FIXME: Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.67 1999/05/23 20:25:48 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.68 1999/05/23 20:35:16 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ another language under the same conditions as for modified versions.
@end titlepage
@node Top, Overview, (dir), (dir)
@node Top
@top LysKOM Protocol A
This document specifies version 10 of LysKOM Protocol A.
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ publication.
@end menu
@end ifinfo
@node Overview, Introduction, Top, Top
@node Overview
@chapter Overview
LysKOM is a conferencing system@footnote{Or in modern terms, enabling
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ The LysKOM developers can be reached by email to
* Notation::
@end menu
@node Document Revision History, Protocol Version History, Overview, Overview
@node Document Revision History
@section Document Revision History
@table @asis
......@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ Per Cederqvist started using version control for documentation.
Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.
@end table
@node Protocol Version History, Notation, Document Revision History, Overview
@node Protocol Version History
@section Protocol Version History
@subsection Protocol version 10 (first implemented in lyskomd 2.0.0)
......@@ -468,7 +468,7 @@ All calls from 0--56.
@end table
@node Notation, , Protocol Version History, Overview
@node Notation
@section Notation
This specification uses a BNF-like grammar to describe the protocol and
......@@ -491,7 +491,7 @@ literal strings. There is to be no whitespace before or after literal
strings unless there is whitespace in the literal itself.
@node Introduction, Data Types, Overview, Top
@node Introduction
@chapter Introduction
This chapter introduces the concepts used in LysKOM, such as articles,
......@@ -508,7 +508,7 @@ conferences and sessions.
@end menu
@node Articles, Conferences, Introduction, Introduction
@node Articles
@section Articles
An article is represented as a value of the type @code{Text-Stat} and a
......@@ -538,7 +538,7 @@ The server call @code{local-to-global} does this.
@node Conferences, The Misc-Info List, Articles, Introduction
@node Conferences
@section Conferences
Conferences hold articles. They are represented in the protocol as a
......@@ -591,7 +591,7 @@ changed to this type, preexisting secret members remain secret.
* Persons and Sessions::
@end menu
@node Persons and Sessions, , Conferences, Conferences
@node Persons and Sessions
@subsection Persons and Sessions
Persons are represented in the protocol by values of the type
......@@ -609,7 +609,7 @@ the network connection is closed; a user can log in and out repeatedly
in a single session.
@node The Misc-Info List, The Aux-Item List, Conferences, Introduction
@node The Misc-Info List
@section The Misc-Info List
The @code{Misc-Info} list contains tagged data. The fields are sent in
......@@ -758,7 +758,7 @@ article number which is a footnote to this article.
@end table
@node The Aux-Item List, Security, The Misc-Info List, Introduction
@node The Aux-Item List
@section The Aux-Item List
The aux-item list is used as a generic extension mechanism in the LysKOM
......@@ -772,7 +772,7 @@ server and in protocol A.
* Defining New Aux-Item Types::
@end menu
@node About Aux-Items, Predefined Aux-Item Types, The Aux-Item List, The Aux-Item List
@node About Aux-Items
@subsection About Aux-Items
Aux-items were introduced in protocol version 10 as a mechanism for
......@@ -804,7 +804,7 @@ no understanding of the contents can successfully parse the item anyway
@node Predefined Aux-Item Types, Client-Specific Aux-Item Types, About Aux-Items, The Aux-Item List
@node Predefined Aux-Item Types
@subsection Predefined Aux-Item Types
Predefined Aux-Item types are part of Protocol A, and clients should
......@@ -1121,7 +1121,7 @@ collection.
@end table
@node Client-Specific Aux-Item Types, Experimental Aux-Item Types, Predefined Aux-Item Types, The Aux-Item List
@node Client-Specific Aux-Item Types
@subsection Client-Specific Aux-Item Types
Client-specific items do not cause the server to perform any magic. All
......@@ -1143,7 +1143,7 @@ If you want a range of numbers, send e-mail to the LysKOM development
@node Experimental Aux-Item Types, Defining New Aux-Item Types, Client-Specific Aux-Item Types, The Aux-Item List
@node Experimental Aux-Item Types
@subsection Experimental Aux-Item Types
Experimental numbers are free for all. Use 'em any way you want. All
......@@ -1151,7 +1151,7 @@ numbers in the range 20000-29999 are for experimental use.
@node Defining New Aux-Item Types, , Experimental Aux-Item Types, The Aux-Item List
@node Defining New Aux-Item Types
@subsection Defining New Aux-Item Types
If you want a new predefined item type, just document what it does, what
......@@ -1177,7 +1177,7 @@ much less painful process than adding new calls.
@node Security, Membership and Reading, The Aux-Item List, Introduction
@node Security
@section Security
Security in LysKOM is based on two components. Each person has a set of
......@@ -1251,7 +1251,7 @@ Create persons
@end table
@node Membership and Reading, Client-Server Dialog, Security, Introduction
@node Membership and Reading
@section Membership and Reading
Persons' memberships in conferences are represented in the protocol as
......@@ -1298,7 +1298,7 @@ global text numbers. If the server does not implement the
efficient but perfectly serviceable @pxref{get-map} call instead.
@node Client-Server Dialog, , Membership and Reading, Introduction
@node Client-Server Dialog
@section Client-Server Dialog
The client-server dialog consists of two phases, establishing the connection
......@@ -1403,7 +1403,7 @@ possible, which may result in one or more subsequent requests being
@node Data Types, Protocol Requests, Introduction, Top
@node Data Types
@chapter Data Types
The data types in protocol A come in two flavors. The first (vanilla)
......@@ -1417,7 +1417,7 @@ while complex data types include things such as conferences and people.
* Name Expansion::
@end menu
@node Simple Data Types, LysKOM Data Types, Data Types, Data Types
@node Simple Data Types
@section Simple Data Types
@subsection Integers
......@@ -1607,7 +1607,7 @@ corresponding @var{type} is its type.
Structures are transmitted as a sequence of their fields.
@node LysKOM Data Types, Name Expansion, Simple Data Types, Data Types
@node LysKOM Data Types
@section LysKOM Data Types
In this section the data types specific to LysKOM are defined. Most of
......@@ -2787,7 +2787,7 @@ The dynamic session flags (see above.)
What the client is doing. This string is set by the client.
@end table
@node Name Expansion, , LysKOM Data Types, Data Types
@node Name Expansion
@section Name Expansion
Names in LysKOM can be expanded according to two rules, regexp matching
......@@ -2832,7 +2832,7 @@ equivalent according to swascii rules.
@node Protocol Requests, Asynchronous Messages, Data Types, Top
@node Protocol Requests
@chapter Protocol Requests
This chapter documents all calls that can be made to the server. All
......@@ -2969,9 +2969,10 @@ in the example.
* local-to-global:: r Map local text numbers to global ones (103)
* map-created-texts:: r Map texts created by a person to glogal (104)
* set-keep-commented:: e Set how new comments protect old texts (105)
* set-pers-flags:: r Set personal flags (106)
@end menu
@node login-old, logout, Protocol Requests, Protocol Requests
@node login-old
@section login-old (1) Obsolete
@findex login-old
......@@ -2997,7 +2998,7 @@ error-status indicates the person number.
@end table
@node logout, change-conference, login-old, Protocol Requests
@node logout
@section logout (1) Recommended
@findex logout
......@@ -3021,7 +3022,7 @@ places less load on the server than does creating new sessions.
This call never fails.
@node change-conference, change-name, logout, Protocol Requests
@node change-conference
@section change-conference (1) Recommended
@findex change-conference
......@@ -3050,7 +3051,7 @@ The user currently logged in is not a member of @code{conference}.
@end table
@node change-name, change-what-i-am-doing, change-conference, Protocol Requests
@node change-name
@section change-name (1) Recommended
@findex change-name
......@@ -3093,7 +3094,7 @@ There are invalid characters in @code{new-name}.
@end table
@node change-what-i-am-doing, create-person-old, change-name, Protocol Requests
@node change-what-i-am-doing
@section change-what-i-am-doing (1) Recommended
@findex change-what-i-am-doing
......@@ -3115,7 +3116,7 @@ using LysKOM. Clients are encouraged to use this call creatively.
@node create-person-old, get-person-stat-old, change-what-i-am-doing, Protocol Requests
@node create-person-old
@section create-person-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex create-person-old
......@@ -3167,7 +3168,7 @@ The string @code{passwd} is not a valid password.
@node get-person-stat-old, set-priv-bits, create-person-old, Protocol Requests
@node get-person-stat-old
@section get-person-stat-old (1) Obsolete
@findex get-person-stat-old
......@@ -3197,7 +3198,7 @@ Conference @code{person} does not exist or is secret.
@code{conference} is zero.
@end table
@node set-priv-bits, set-passwd, get-person-stat-old, Protocol Requests
@node set-priv-bits
@section set-priv-bits (1) Recommended
@findex set-priv-bits
......@@ -3242,7 +3243,7 @@ and privilege level set to 6 or higher.
@end table
@node set-passwd, query-read-texts-old, set-priv-bits, Protocol Requests
@node set-passwd
@section set-passwd (1) Recommended
@findex set-passwd
......@@ -3289,7 +3290,7 @@ privilege level 7 or higher enabled.
@node query-read-texts-old, create-conf-old, set-passwd, Protocol Requests
@node query-read-texts-old
@section query-read-texts-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex query-read-texts-old
......@@ -3339,7 +3340,7 @@ Conference @code{conference} does not exist, or is secret.
@node create-conf-old, delete-conf, query-read-texts-old, Protocol Requests
@node create-conf-old
@section create-conf-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex create-conf-old
......@@ -3423,7 +3424,7 @@ The conference type has the @code{secret} bit set, but the
@node delete-conf, lookup-name, create-conf-old, Protocol Requests
@node delete-conf
@section delete-conf (1) Recommended
@findex delete-conf
......@@ -3472,7 +3473,7 @@ is corrupt.)
@end table
@node lookup-name, get-conf-stat-older, delete-conf, Protocol Requests
@node lookup-name
@section lookup-name (1) Obsolete
@findex lookup-name
......@@ -3509,7 +3510,7 @@ has been broken into three lines to fit on the page.)
This call always succeeds.
@node get-conf-stat-older, add-member-old, lookup-name, Protocol Requests
@node get-conf-stat-older
@section get-conf-stat-older (1) Obsolete
@findex get-conf-stat-older
......@@ -3541,7 +3542,7 @@ returned instead of the name.
@node add-member-old, sub-member, get-conf-stat-older, Protocol Requests
@node add-member-old
@section add-member-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex add-member-old
......@@ -3609,7 +3610,7 @@ privileges to change the priorities of person @code{pers-no}.
@node sub-member, set-presentation, add-member-old, Protocol Requests
@node sub-member
@section sub-member (1) Recommended
@findex sub-member
......@@ -3665,7 +3666,7 @@ Not supervisor of conference @code{conf-no} or not supervisor of person
@node set-presentation, set-etc-motd, sub-member, Protocol Requests
@node set-presentation
@section set-presentation (1) Recommended
@findex set-presentation
......@@ -3731,7 +3732,7 @@ marks.
@node set-etc-motd, set-supervisor, set-presentation, Protocol Requests
@node set-etc-motd
@section set-etc-motd (1) Recommended
@findex set-etc-motd
......@@ -3793,7 +3794,7 @@ marks.
@node set-supervisor, set-permitted-submitters, set-etc-motd, Protocol Requests
@node set-supervisor
@section set-supervisor (1) Recommended
@findex set-supervisor
......@@ -3856,7 +3857,7 @@ conference @code{conf-no}.
@node set-permitted-submitters, set-super-conf, set-supervisor, Protocol Requests
@node set-permitted-submitters
@section set-permitted-submitters (1) Recommended
@findex set-permitted-submitters
......@@ -3917,7 +3918,7 @@ Not enough permissions to change the permitted submitters of conference
@node set-super-conf, set-conf-type, set-permitted-submitters, Protocol Requests
@node set-super-conf
@section set-super-conf (1) Recommended
@findex set-super-conf
......@@ -3957,7 +3958,7 @@ Not enough permissions to change super-conference of conference
@node set-conf-type, set-garb-nice, set-super-conf, Protocol Requests
@node set-conf-type
@section set-conf-type (1) Recommended
@findex set-conf-type
......@@ -4010,7 +4011,7 @@ membership type.
@end table
@node set-garb-nice, get-marks, set-conf-type, Protocol Requests
@node set-garb-nice
@section set-garb-nice (1) Recommended
@findex set-garb-nice
......@@ -4054,7 +4055,7 @@ Not enough permissions to change the expiration time for conference
@node get-marks, mark-text-old, set-garb-nice, Protocol Requests
@node get-marks
@section get-marks (1) Recommended
@findex get-marks
......@@ -4084,7 +4085,7 @@ Login required before issuing this call.
@node mark-text-old, get-text, get-marks, Protocol Requests
@node mark-text-old
@section mark-text-old (1) Obsolete
@findex mark-text-old
......@@ -4122,7 +4123,7 @@ many marks, or cause the text to have too many marks.
@node get-text, get-text-stat-old, mark-text-old, Protocol Requests
@node get-text
@section get-text (1) Recommended
@findex get-text
......@@ -4173,7 +4174,7 @@ Attempt to retrieve text number 0.
@node get-text-stat-old, mark-as-read, get-text, Protocol Requests
@node get-text-stat-old
@section get-text-stat-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex get-text-stat-old
......@@ -4214,7 +4215,7 @@ Attempt to retrieve text number 0.
@node mark-as-read, create-text-old, get-text-stat-old, Protocol Requests
@node mark-as-read
@section mark-as-read (1) Recommended
@findex mark-as-read
......@@ -4276,7 +4277,7 @@ One of the numbers in @code{text} is zero.
@node create-text-old, delete-text, mark-as-read, Protocol Requests
@node create-text-old
@section create-text-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex create-text-old
......@@ -4352,7 +4353,7 @@ an unknown misc item in the misc-info list.
@node delete-text, add-recipient, create-text-old, Protocol Requests
@node delete-text
@section delete-text (1) Recommended
@findex delete-text
......@@ -4386,7 +4387,7 @@ author.
@node add-recipient, sub-recipient, delete-text, Protocol Requests
@node add-recipient
@section add-recipient (1) Recommended
@findex add-recipient
......@@ -4470,7 +4471,7 @@ super conf chain.
@node sub-recipient, add-comment, add-recipient, Protocol Requests
@node sub-recipient
@section sub-recipient (1) Recommended
@findex sub-recipient
......@@ -4526,7 +4527,7 @@ Not supervisor of text author or conference, and not sender of text to
@end table
@node add-comment, sub-comment, sub-recipient, Protocol Requests
@node add-comment
@section add-comment (1) Recommended
@findex add-comment
......@@ -4578,7 +4579,7 @@ The text @code{comment-to} already has the maximum number of comments.
@node sub-comment, get-map, add-comment, Protocol Requests
@node sub-comment
@section sub-comment (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex sub-comment
......@@ -4629,7 +4630,7 @@ anyway.
@node get-map, get-time, sub-comment, Protocol Requests
@node get-map
@section get-map (1) Recommended
@findex get-map
......@@ -4730,7 +4731,7 @@ ever has existed in this conference.
@node get-time, get-info-old, get-map, Protocol Requests
@node get-time
@section get-time (1) Recommended
@findex get-time
......@@ -4758,7 +4759,7 @@ This call always succeeds
@node get-info-old, add-footnote, get-time, Protocol Requests
@node get-info-old
@section get-info-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex get-info-old
......@@ -4794,7 +4795,7 @@ This call always succeeds.
@node add-footnote, sub-footnote, get-info-old, Protocol Requests
@node add-footnote
@section add-footnote (1) Recommended
@findex add-footnote
......@@ -4847,7 +4848,7 @@ Text @code{text-no} is already a footnote to @code{footnote-to}.
@node sub-footnote, who-is-on-old, add-footnote, Protocol Requests
@node sub-footnote
@section sub-footnote (1) Recommended
@findex sub-footnote
......@@ -4895,7 +4896,7 @@ set and enabled to complete call anyway.
@node who-is-on-old, set-unread, sub-footnote, Protocol Requests
@node who-is-on-old
@section who-is-on-old (1) Obsolete
@findex who-is-on-old
......@@ -4919,7 +4920,7 @@ This call always succeeds.
@node set-unread, set-motd-of-lyskom, who-is-on-old, Protocol Requests
@node set-unread
@section set-unread (1) Recommended
@findex set-unread
......@@ -4965,7 +4966,7 @@ Not a member of conference @code{conf-no}.
@node set-motd-of-lyskom, enable, set-unread, Protocol Requests
@node set-motd-of-lyskom
@section set-motd-of-lyskom (1) Recommended
@findex set-motd-of-lyskom
......@@ -5005,7 +5006,7 @@ The text @code{text-no} already has the maximum number of marks.
@end table
@node enable, sync-kom, set-motd-of-lyskom, Protocol Requests
@node enable
@section enable (1) Recommended
@findex enable
......@@ -5039,7 +5040,7 @@ Login required before issuing this call.
@end table
@node sync-kom, shutdown-kom, enable, Protocol Requests
@node sync-kom
@section sync-kom (1) Recommended
@findex sync-kom
......@@ -5077,7 +5078,7 @@ Administrator bit not set or privileges not enabled.
@end table
@node shutdown-kom, broadcast, sync-kom, Protocol Requests
@node shutdown-kom
@section shutdown-kom (1) Recommended
@findex shutdown-kom
......@@ -5111,7 +5112,7 @@ Administrator bit not set or privileges not enabled.
@end table
@node broadcast, get-membership-old, shutdown-kom, Protocol Requests
@node broadcast
@section broadcast (1) Obsolete
@findex broadcast
......@@ -5135,7 +5136,7 @@ Messages have been disabled.
@end table
@node get-membership-old, get-created-texts, broadcast, Protocol Requests
@node get-membership-old
@section get-membership-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex get-membership-old
......@@ -5200,7 +5201,7 @@ person's membership list.
@node get-created-texts, get-members-old, get-membership-old, Protocol Requests
@node get-created-texts
@section get-created-texts (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex get-created-texts
......@@ -5272,7 +5273,7 @@ text.
@node get-members-old, get-person-stat, get-created-texts, Protocol Requests
@node get-members-old
@section get-members-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex get-members-old
......@@ -5314,7 +5315,7 @@ The conference @code{conf} does not exist or is secret.
@node get-person-stat, get-conf-stat-old, get-members-old, Protocol Requests
@node get-person-stat
@section get-person-stat (1) Recommended
@findex get-person-stat
......@@ -5351,7 +5352,7 @@ The conference @code{pers-no} does not exist or is secret.
@end table
@node get-conf-stat-old, who-is-on, get-person-stat, Protocol Requests
@node get-conf-stat-old
@section get-conf-stat-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex get-conf-stat-old
......@@ -5396,7 +5397,7 @@ The conference @code{conf-no} does not exist or is secret.
@node who-is-on, get-unread-confs, get-conf-stat-old, Protocol Requests
@node who-is-on
@section who-is-on (1) Obsolete (9)
@findex who-is-on
......@@ -5418,7 +5419,7 @@ structure is described elsewhere (@pxref{LysKOM Data Types}.)
This call always succeeds.
@node get-unread-confs, send-message, who-is-on, Protocol Requests
@node get-unread-confs
@section get-unread-confs (1) Recommended
@findex get-unread-confs
......@@ -5463,7 +5464,7 @@ Person @code{pers-no} does not exist or is secret.
@node send-message, get-session-info, get-unread-confs, Protocol Requests
@node send-message
@section send-message (1) Recommended
@findex send-message
......@@ -5510,7 +5511,7 @@ message.
@end table
@node get-session-info, disconnect, send-message, Protocol Requests
@node get-session-info
@section get-session-info (1) Obsolete
@findex get-session-info
......@@ -5535,7 +5536,7 @@ The session @code{session-no} does not exist.
@node disconnect, who-am-i, get-session-info, Protocol Requests
@node disconnect
@section disconnect (1) Recommended