Commit 2f2bb023 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Implemented the local-to-global call.

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1998-08-05 Per Cederqvist <>
Implemented the local-to-global call.
* src/server/fncdef.txt: Added local_to_global.
* src/include/services.h (local_to_global): New function.
* src/include/kom-types.h (Text_mapping): New type.
* src/server/text.c (get_map): Fixed the type of the no_of_texts
(local_to_global): New function.
* src/server/prot-a.c (prot_a_reply): Handle rt_text_mapping.
(prot_a_is_legal_fnc): Handle call_fnc_local_to_global.
* src/server/prot-a-output.c (prot_a_output_text_mapping): New
* src/server/prot-a-output.h: Likewise.
* src/server/connections.h (Res_type): Added rt_text_mapping.
(Result_holder): Added text_mapping.
1998-08-03 Per Cederqvist <>
Document the local-to-global call.
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