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This is the README file for the first official release of the server
of the electronic conference system LysKOM, version 1.0.
LysKOM has a lot in common with netnews, but LysKOM is intended for
local discussions. The LysKOM server concept consists of a server that
maintains a data base of all written articles, and clients that
connects to the server and reads articles. LysKOM is much faster than
netnews - almost as fast as irc! - but like in netnews the articles
are saved so that you don't have to be logged in to receive the news.
You need a client to be able to do something useful with LysKOM. As of
now, there is only one client that has been released. It is written in
elisp (and thus requires GNU Emacs to run) and its language is
Swedish. It should be easy to translate to english since all texts are
collected in a single file. The client is available via anonymous ftp
from in directory pub/lyskom. Don't forget to fetch
the documentation for it at the same time - it is well worth to read
it! (If you know Swedish... :-)
A LysKOM server has been running at Lysator since 25 July 1990. You
can test it. The adress is Of course, you need a
client to test it.
Installation instructions is in the file INSTALL.
Please send bug reports to if you find a
bug, but please check the file doc/known-server-bugs first.
Note that we are abandoning the protocol (called Protocl A) that the
server and clients uses. We have discovered some things that we want
to do, but can't do since Protocol A is too limited. Work on Protocol
B has commenced, but it might well take another year before we release
Protocol B server and clients. We will fix bugs in Protocol A, but we
will probably not do much more improvements to the server.
The server leaks some memory. This will probably be fixed in the next
Not all information that should be written to the data file is
written. The struct serverinfo should be saved between invocations.
There should be more asynchronous messages so that the cache in the
elisp client can be more consistent with the real world.
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