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Mention gpg, the paths of the FTP an WWW servers, a few web pages, and

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......@@ -121,11 +121,19 @@ Follow these steps:
* Test the resulting archive on several architectures. Repeat until
no failure.
* Sign the archive using GPG:
gpg -s -b lyskom-server-2.0.7.tar.gz
* Set a tag:
cvs tag server-2-0-0
* Copy the tar file to the FTP server.
* Copy the tar file and the GPG signature to the FTP server and the
Web server:
* Create a diff.
......@@ -136,8 +144,18 @@ Follow these steps:
Publish the diff only if it works and is small enough.
* Announce the release in "Nyheter (om) LysKOM".
* Add the new version number to Bugzilla.
* Mark all resolved and verified bugs for the milestone as closed.
* Update /lysator/www/www-pages/html/lyskom/index.html
* Update /lysator/www/www-pages/html/lyskom/index-en.html
* Publish the protocol specification using the update-www target of
doc/Makefile. Be careful! Check that nothing in the WWW setup has
changed before running the make target.
* Announce the release in "Nyheter (om) LysKOM".
* Announce the release on Freshmeat.
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