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(Importing and Exporting E-Mail): Document the Message-ID format of

	exported texts.  (Bug 574).
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......@@ -9296,6 +9296,10 @@ instead.
If the Message-ID of a previously imported e-mail is found, the new text
should be made a comment of the replied-to text.
If the Message-ID is of the form defined below (@pxref{Message-ID}),
and it refers to a text exported from this server, the new text should
be made a comment of the replied-to text.
This means that the importer will probably have to maintain its own
database of imported texts that maps the message ID to the text number
in the LysKOM database. There is no other way to find the text number
......@@ -9332,6 +9336,45 @@ Appendices encoded with Base64 or Quoted-Printable should be decoded.
When creating aux-items like @aux{mx-author}, text coded using the
method in RFC 2047 should be decoded.
@section Exporting e-mail
As of this writing, an experimental e-mail exporter exists, but it is
a fairly recent creation. The author of this document knows very
little about how it works, so this section contains very little
@subsection Message-ID
A standard for Message-ID creation has been established. The general
format is:
@end example
The different parts are explained below:
@table @var
@item text-no
The text number of the text that was exported.
@item port
@itemx server
The @aux{canonical-name} aux item defines a unique name for the LysKOM
system that the text was exported from. The @var{server} and
@var{port} fields are set from it. If no port is specified in the
@aux{canonical-name}, the @var{port} part is set to the empty string.
@item exporter
The name of the software that exported the text.
@item randomness
A string that ensures that the Message-ID is unique even if the same
text is exported several times. This could contain a random string, a
sequence number, or something else that makes the Message-ID unique.
@end table
@node Future changes
@appendix Future changes (speculative)
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