Commit 524dfac6 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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dbck-cache2.c -> dbck-cache.c

parent 405daf58
Wed Aug 28 03:21:27 1991 Per Cederqvist (ceder at lysator)
* dbck-cache2.c heter nu dbck-cache.c.
* cache.c, end-of-atomic.c, lyskomd.c, ram-cache.c: Borttagna.
Mon Aug 26 04:13:34 1991 Per Cederqvist (ceder at lysator)
......@@ -53,11 +53,11 @@ DISK_SRCS = ramkomd.c ram-smalloc.c simple-cache.c ram-parse.c ram-output.c \
disk-end-of-atomic.c cache-node.c string-malloc.c
DBCK = dbck.o dbck-cache2.o ram-smalloc.o ram-parse.o config.o\
DBCK = dbck.o dbck-cache.o ram-smalloc.o ram-parse.o config.o\
missing-ansi.o ram-output.o memory.o
DBCK_SRCS = dbck.c dbck-cache2.c ram-smalloc.c ram-parse.c config.c\
DBCK_SRCS = dbck.c dbck-cache.c ram-smalloc.c ram-parse.c config.c\
missing-ansi.c ram-output.c memory.c
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