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Filename Description
-------- -----------
Config - Script to make the configuration for different
Build - Script to build the server
Makefile - The Makefile of the topdir
src/ - Source dir
src/Makefile - The Makefile
src/libraries - Source dir for the libraries
src/libraries/Makefile - The Makefile for the libraries
src/libraries/libansi - Substitutes ansi functions if necessary.
src/libraries/libcommon - LysKOM functions for both server and clients.
src/libraries/libisc - interprocess communication package
src/libraries/libmisc - mixed functions
doc - Dir with documentation files.
config - Configuration files for the different machines
scripts - Installation scripts. includes for make
src/server - The server
src/include - The include files that will be referenced
db-crypt - Initial database for server with encrypted passwords
db-nocrypt - Initial database for server without encryption
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