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(Parameters): Documented "lyskomd path", "savecore path", "Normal

	shutdown time", "Mail after downtime" and "Mail until downtime".
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\input texinfo
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.10 1999/04/17 00:05:27 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.11 1999/04/18 21:02:14 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@include version.texi
......@@ -561,6 +561,32 @@ collate table used by regular matching. This usually implies that the
regexp ``foo'' will match ``foo'', ``Foo'', ``fOo'' and several other
variants. The defalt is on.
@item lyskomd path: @var{path}
Path to the @code{lyskomd} binary. This is used by @code{updateLysKOM}
to find the right program to run. Defaults to @file{bin/lyskomd}.
@item savecore path: @var{path}
Path to the @code{savecore} program. If a file named @file{core} exists
in the directory specified with @code{Core directory} when
@code{updateLysKOM} is about to start @code{lyskomd}, this program will
be called first. It could, for instance, move the core file so that it
is available for later debugging.
@item Normal shutdown time: @var{int}
In a normal setup, @code{updateLysKOM} will be run from @code{cron} once
every ten minutes or so. If it detects that it has taken @code{lyskomd}
more than @var{int} minutes to shut down it will print a warning
@item Mail after downtime: @var{int}
@itemx Mail until downtime: @var{int}
If @code{lyskomd} has been down for X minutes, where @code{Mail after
downtime} <= X < @code{Mail until downtime}, @code{updateLysKOM} will
send a mail message to the mail address found on the first line of the
status file. Actually, it is the age of the status file (named with
@code{Status file}) that is measured.
@end table
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