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* $Id: cache.h,v 0.11 1993/08/04 23:01:33 ceder Exp $
* $Id: cache.h,v 0.12 1994/02/20 14:14:15 law Exp $
* Copyright (C) 1991 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
* This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -23,226 +23,111 @@
* Please mail bug reports to
* $Id: cache.h,v 0.11 1993/08/04 23:01:33 ceder Exp $
* This file contains the cached data that the server stores.
* .h file created by ceder 1990-04-18
* database cache header file
/* cache_sync_all only returns when everything is written to disk. */
extern void
/* First, some things which I want here. /ceder */
struct matching_info *match_table;
/* match_table, see build_matching_info() */
extern struct matching_info *match_table;
extern void
cached_lock_conf(Conf_no conf_no);
/******** initiation and shutdown of cache *******************************/
extern Success
Success init_cache(void);
/* initiate cache (called at initiation/startup of server) */
extern void
cached_unlock_conf(Conf_no conf);
void free_all_cache(void);
/* flush, shutdown cache and free all cache memory (called at shutdown) */
extern void
cached_lock_person(Pers_no pers);
void cache_emergency_exit(void);
/* dump emergency files, etc, if possible */
extern void
cached_unlock_person(Pers_no pers);
/******** miscellanous cache master routines *****************************/
extern Success
cached_delete_person(Pers_no pres);
void cache_limit_size(void);
/* end-of-atomic, may clear read entries */
extern Success
cached_delete_text(Text_no text);
void cache_sync(void);
/* flush all, dont wait for disk */
extern Success
Bool sync_part(void);
/* sync timout routine, TRUE=>long timeout before next */
extern void /* Write out everything. */
void cache_sync_all(void);
/* flush all & wait until disk is synced */
/* S}d{r ja. Tack f|r mig. /ceder */
void tell_cache_garb_text(int running);
/* tell cache that garb_text is in progress, ie never flush cache */
* Name caching routines
* change_name changes the cached conference name. It is only called when
* a conference name is changed or a conference is deleted.
* cached_change_name(foo, EMPTY_STRING); should be used when a conference
* is deleted. (Eller ska det vara annorlunda? S} g|r jag nu... /ceder)
extern void
cached_change_name(Conf_no name_num,
String new_name );
void dump_cache_stats(FILE *stat_file);
void dump_cache_mem_usage(FILE *stat_file);
/* dump cache statistics etc */
/******** object manipulation routines ***********************************/
extern Bool
cached_conf_exists( Conf_no conf_no );
void mark_person_as_changed(Pers_no pers);
void mark_text_as_changed(Text_no text);
void mark_conference_as_changed(Conf_no conf);
/* mark as changed (object is to be re-written to disk) */
* Calls for the cacheing of conf_type:
* cached_get_conf_type() returns the type.
* The type is set when mark_conference_as_changed is called.
void cached_lock_conf(Conf_no conf);
void cached_unlock_conf(Conf_no conf);
void cached_lock_person(Pers_no pers);
void cached_unlock_person(Pers_no pers);
/* lock (do never remove object from memory) & unlock */
/* Get conference type */
/* Undefined result if the conf doesn't exist. */
Success cached_create_person(Pers_no pers);
Conf_no cached_create_conf(String name);
Text_no cached_create_text(const String message);
/* create object (returns FALSE if person existed) */
extern Conf_type
cached_get_conf_type (Conf_no conf_no);
Person *cached_get_person_stat(Pers_no person);
Conference *cached_get_conf_stat(Conf_no conf);
Text_stat *cached_get_text_stat(Text_no text);
/* get object from database */
* Return number of conferences present. (Actually, return a number
* at least as large as the number of conferences present).
extern Conf_no
String cached_get_text(Text_no text);
/* return text. String is to be freed by caller */
* Get garb_nice for a certain conference.
* It is set when mark_conference_as_changed is called.
extern Garb_nice
cached_get_garb_nice (Conf_no conf_no);
Success cached_delete_person(Pers_no pers);
Success cached_delete_text(Text_no text);
Success cached_delete_conf(Conf_no conf);
/* remove object from database */
extern String
cached_get_name (Conf_no conf_no);
Pers_no traverse_person(Pers_no sead);
Conf_no traverse_conference(Conf_no sead);
Text_no traverse_text(Text_no sead);
/* return number of next existing object */
extern Local_text_no
cached_get_highest_local_no (Conf_no conf_no);
Text_no query_next_text_num(void);
/* returns highest text_num +1 */
/******** misc conference routines **************************************/
* Various function calls to tell the cache that something is changed.
void cached_change_name(Conf_no conf,String new_name);
/* change conferance name
is used when a conference is deleted */
mark_person_as_changed(Pers_no pers_no);
Bool cached_conf_exists(Conf_no conf);
/* returns TRUE when a conference exists */
Conf_type cached_get_conf_type(Conf_no conf);
/* returns conference type
conf_type is set when mark_conference_as_changed is called (?) */
mark_conference_as_changed(Conf_no conf_no);
Garb_nice cached_get_garb_nice(Conf_no conf);
/* Get garb_nice from smallconf */
String cached_get_name(Conf_no conf);
/* returns conference name from smallconf */
mark_text_as_changed(Text_no text_no);
Local_text_no cached_get_highest_local_no(Conf_no conf);
/* returns highes text number in a certain conference */
Success cached_lookup_name(const String name,Conf_list_old *result);
/* match from name => conf_list_old */
/******** miscellanous wierd routines ************************************/
Success build_matching_info(void);
* Person-related calls
extern Success
cached_create_person( Pers_no person );
extern Person *
cached_get_person_stat( Pers_no person ); /* Returns NULL if person
doesn't exist */
* Conference-related calls
extern Conf_no
cached_create_conf( String name );
extern Success
cached_delete_conf( Conf_no conf );
extern Success
cached_lookup_name(const String name,
Conf_list_old *result);
extern Conference *
cached_get_conf_stat( Conf_no conf_no );
* Calls to handle texts
extern String
cached_get_text( Text_no text );/* The string should be free'd by the caller */
extern Text_stat *
cached_get_text_stat( Text_no text );
extern Text_no
cached_create_text(const String message);
* traverse_text can be used to cycle through all existing texts. 0 will
* be returned once in the "cycle".
extern Text_no
traverse_text(Text_no seed);
* traverse_person can be used to cycle through all existing persons. 0 will
* be returned once in the "cycle".
extern Pers_no
traverse_person(Pers_no seed);
* traverse_conference can be used to cycle through all existing conferences.
* 0 will be returned once in the "cycle".
extern Conf_no
traverse_conference(Conf_no seed);
* Free all memory used by the cache. This should only be done
* as part of the shutdown sequence. The purpose of this is to
* make it possible to see if there are any memory leaks.
* Limit the number of 'clean' cache entries.
* Dump cache statistics.
dump_cache_stats(FILE *stat_file);
* Dump memory usage.
dump_cache_mem_usage(FILE *stat_file);
* Export the highest text_no for searching.
* Tell the cache that a text garbage collection operation is in progress
* or is finished.
tell_cache_garb_text(int running);
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