Commit a936fd15 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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The default language is now selectable at configure time.

parent 8c7613da
1999-06-23 Per Cederqvist <>
The default language is now selectable at configure time.
* README: Mention --with-language=sv.
* Handle --with-language=sv.
* db-crypt/db/ (LANGUAGE_SUFFIX): New variable.
(EXTRA_DIST): Added lyskomd-data-en.
(install-data-local): Install lyskomd-data-en or lyskomd-data,
depending on LANGUAGE_SUFFIX.
* db-crypt/db/lyskomd-data-en: New file.
Remove the unused file tmp-limits.h.
* src/server/ (lyskomd_SOURCES): Removed tmp-limits.h.
* src/server/tmp-limits.h: Unused file removed.
* NEWS: More items added. This should now be fairly complete, but
it may need restructuring.
1999-06-23 David Byers <>
* src/server/dbck.c (init_person_scratch): Initialize person
......@@ -1116,14 +1134,14 @@
* src/server/connections.c (free_parsed): Clear the misc_info_list
* src/include/kom-types.h (Misc_info_list): New type
* src/include/kom-types.h (Misc_info_list): New type.
* src/server/internal-connections.c (init_connection): Initialize
hunt_parse_pos, array_hunt_depth and array_hunt_num. Initialize
* src/server/prot-a-parse.c (prot_a_hunt_array_end): New function
hunts for the end of an array.c
hunts for the end of an array.
* src/server/prot-a.c (prot_a_init): Initialize hunt_parse_pos and
......@@ -1136,7 +1154,7 @@
generate a protocol error.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/prot-a-parse-cov.exp (1021):
Expcet long-array and not protocol-error.
Expect long-array and not protocol-error.
* src/server/prot-a-parse.c (prot_a_parse_aux_item_list): Discard
the part of the list that is longer than the max rather than send
......@@ -1206,7 +1224,7 @@
(faq-for-conf): New item definition.
* doc/lyskomd.texi (Parameters): Added Max conferences, Max texts,
Max client data length, Nologin fle. Updated some other parameter
Max client data length, Nologin file. Updated some other parameter
(Aux-Item Definition File): Added system-only. Rewrote validate to
allow function identifiers. Added list of validator functions and
......@@ -2531,7 +2549,7 @@
(save_one_conf): Output sync_next as unsigned.
(save_one_text): Ditto.
(init_cache): Move initialization of done, read_text_no and
read_conf_no to avoit spurious compiler warning.
read_conf_no to avoid spurious compiler warning.
(init_cache): Initialize c for same reason.
* src/server/cache-node.c: Added initializer for s.snapshot in
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