Commit b6ed6dfa authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Distribution cleanup.

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2002-08-11 Per Cederqvist <>
Distribution cleanup.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added
21.exp, 22.exp, 23.exp, 24.exp, 25.exp, 26.exp, 27.exp, 28.exp,
bug-145.exp, bug-225.exp, bug-349.exp, bug-37-2.exp, bug-37-3.exp,
bug-37-4.exp, bug-37.exp, bug-38.exp, bug-598-2.exp, bug-598.exp,
bug-612.exp and bug-84.exp.
* doc/ (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Added TeX temp file
regarding protocol-a.texi, and protocol-a.texi.
(DISTCLEANFILES): Added Protocol-A.pdf.
(Protocol-A.dvi): Fix the TEXINPUTS setting so that a VPATH
compile works.
(Protocol-A.pdf): Ditto.
Update version numbers.
* Set version 2.0.7.
* versions (SERVER-VERSION): 2.0.7.
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