Commit c20db881 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Allow GCC to check arguments to mux_printf, log and restart_kom.

Fix bugs in calls to mux_printf, log and restart_kom.
Use Bool instead of char/int in a couple of places.
Allow 2e6 texts.
Don't send async messages before the "LysKOM" response on startup.
Removed Connection::info_parse_pos.
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Mon Jul 29 01:30:17 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* simple-cache.c (init_cache): The local loop variable 'i' must be
a long, so that a Text_no fits. The local variables done,
read_text_no and read_conf_no are now of type Bool (not int).
The local variable c is an int, so that it can safely be compared
against EOF. Call restart_kom if an unknown deletion block is
found in the data file.
* prot-a.c (prot_a_reply): Fixed long/int mismatch in call to
* prot-a-output.c (prot_a_output_num_list): Removed erronous
argument in call to mux_printf.
* log.h (log): Tell GCC that an argument is a printf-style
format string if HAVE_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT_PRINTF is set.
(logv): Likewise.
* lyskomd.h (restart_kom): Likewise.
* mux.h (mux_printf): Likewise.
* admin.c: Fixed bogus printf-style modifiers in calls to log
and/or restart_kom.
* cache-node.c: Likewise.
* conference.c: Likewise.
* connections.c: Likewise.
* dbck-cache.c: Likewise.
* dbck.c: Likewise.
* internal-connections.c: Likewise.
* person.c: Likewise.
* ram-output.c: Likewise.
* ram-parse.c: Likewise.
* ramkomd.c: Likewise.
* simple-cache.c: Likewise.
* text.c: Likewise.
Sun Jul 28 14:41:13 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* tmp-limits.h (MAX_TEXT): Increased to 2000000.
* text.c (create_text_check_misc): Return KOM_ANON_REJECTED
instead of KOM_ACCESS if the conference does not accept anonymous
(create_text): Use FALSE instead of 0 as Bool constant.
(create_anonymous_text): Use TRUE instead of 1 as Bool constant.
* send-async.c, send-async.h (async_send_group_message): The
force_message argument is a Bool, not a char.
(async_send_message): Likewise.
* connections.h (Connection::username_valid): Mention that this
field is used to determine if async messages are sent.
* send-async.c (async_new_text): Don't send any message unless
username_valid is set.
(async_i_am_on): Likewise.
(async_logout): Likewise.
(async_new_name): Likewise.
(async_sync_db): Likewise.
(async_forced_leave_conf): Likewise.
(async_login): Likewise.
(async_rejected_connection): Likewise.
(async_send_group_message): Likewise.
* prot-a.c (prot_a_parse_packet): FIXME-comment regarding this
* Removed an unnecessary field in Connection:
* prot-a-parse.c (prot_a_parse_info): Use struct_parse_pos instead
of info_parse_pos.
* connections.h (Connection::info_parse_pos): Removed.
* connections.c (free_parsed): Don't set info_parse_pos.
* internal-connections.c (init_connection): Likewise.
* Use Bool instead of int for truth values and flags:
* connections.h (Connection::want_async): Now an array of Bool
instead of an array of int.
* internal-connections.c (init_connection): Adjust for the above.
* send-async.c (async_send_group_message): Likewise.
* session.c (query_async): Likewise.
(accept_async): Likewise.
* prot-a-send-async.h (ASYNC_CHECK_ACCEPT): Likewise.
Sat Jul 27 17:26:19 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* text.c (check_anonymous_subm): Removed two unused arguments.
All callers updated.
* New rules for adding and subtracting comment links:
* text.c (create_text_check_misc): Check that the author can read
the text he is commenting.
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