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Some work on local-to-global.c

parent cf8c5ea6
Sun Sep 1 21:32:22 1996 Inge Wallin <>
* (l2g_delete): Delete the block if empty.
* local-to-global.c (delete_block): New function
* local-to-global.c (l2g_destruct): Don't free blocks.
* (l2g_clear): Only free if non-NULL.
* (l2g_copy): more efficient code.
* local-to-global.h, local-to-global.c (l2g_print): Renamed to
* (l2g_read, l2g_write): Now implemented.
* log.h: Include stdarg.h if possible.
Sun Aug 25 14:47:16 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* src/server/Makefile.src (GENOBJS): Added local-to-global.o.
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