Commit 20b2a53c authored by Hugo Hörnquist's avatar Hugo Hörnquist

Remove single click action from sqlBufferList.

parent f9e3c08b
......@@ -987,13 +987,6 @@ void MainWindow::on_sqlBufferList_activated(const QModelIndex &index)
void MainWindow::on_sqlBufferList_clicked(const QModelIndex &index)
QAbstractItemModel* model = ui->sqlBufferList->model();
QString name = model->data(model->index(index.row(), 1)).toString();
void MainWindow::on_sqlLoad_clicked()
......@@ -87,8 +87,6 @@ private slots:
void on_sqlBufferList_activated(const QModelIndex &index);
void on_sqlBufferList_clicked(const QModelIndex &index);
void on_sqlLoad_clicked();
void on_sqlSave_clicked();
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