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    komwordofday: Better heuristic when finding words. · a2411ef3
    Per Cederqvist authored
    * py-clients/komwordofday.py (komwordofday.append_occurences): Use
    the new lexer instead of splitting on WORDSPLIT.
    (WORDSPLIT): Constant removed.
    (add_words): Use words_in_body() instead of splitting on
    (Terminal): New class.
    (Word): New class, inherited from Terminal.
    (Space): Ditto.
    (Begin): Ditto.
    (End): Ditto.
    (Junk): Ditto.
    (words_in_body): New function.
    (lexer): New function.  Split a string into a list of the
    Terminal-derived classes above.
    (Parser): New class.  Compute a list of Word objects that appear
    to be proper words, using heuristics of the acceptable sequences
    of Terminal-derived classes.
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