Commit 43ed050c authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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Now almost as fast as the C code.

Rev: src/nettle/sparc/aes.asm:1.5
parent f31d459b
......@@ -59,7 +59,8 @@ key_addition_8to32:
! FIXME: Inline, unroll?
! key_addition32(const uint32_t *txt, const uint32_t *keys, uint32_t *out)
.size key_addition_8to32,.LLfe1-key_addition_8to32
.align 4
.type key_addition32,#function
......@@ -67,27 +68,25 @@ key_addition_8to32:
! Use %g2 and %g3 as temporaries, %o3 as counter
mov 0, %o3
! Decrement out, so we can increment the counter earlier in the loop
sub %o2, 4, %o2
! Get *txt++
ld [%o0], %g2
add %o0, 4, %o0
! Get *keys++
ld [%o1], %g3
add %o1, 4, %o1
! Get txt[i]
ld [%o0+%o3], %g2
! Get keys[i]
ld [%o1+%o3], %g3
cmp %o3, 12
add %o3, 4, %o3
xor %g2, %g3, %g3
st %g3, [%o2]
! Incrementing %o2 in the delay slot
add %o3, 1, %o3
! FIXME: Unroll or inline?
cmp %o3, 3
bleu .LL26
add %o2, 4, %o2
st %g3, [%o2+%o3]
! ! And three more times
! mov %o0, %o4
! mov 0, %o3
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