Commit 481b4527 authored by Pontus Freyhult's avatar Pontus Freyhult
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Cosmetic changes of unauthenticated key fingerprint text.

Rev: src/lsh.c:1.161
parent b1a8acb3
......@@ -559,10 +559,10 @@ do_lsh_lookup(struct lookup_verifier *c,
ssh_format("Received unauthenticated key for host %lS\n"
"Bubble Babble SHA1: %lfS\n"
"Keyblob MD5: %lfS\n"
"SPKI SHA1: %lfxS)\n"
"Key details:\n"
"Bubble Babble: %lfS\n"
"Fingerprint: %lfS\n"
"SPKI SHA1: %lfxS\n"
"Do you trust this key? (y/n) ",
self->host->ip, babble, fingerprint, spki_fingerprint), 0, 1))
return NULL;
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