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Rev: doc/TODO:1.26
Rev: src/
parent bbfc3309
......@@ -56,8 +56,7 @@ User names and passwords must be translated from the systems charset
Read configuration files. Better command line options.
Read configuration files. Better command line options.
......@@ -178,3 +177,16 @@ Handling of user authentication failures seems broken.
Fix desTest.c to use proper declarations of its function pointers, and
have autoconf check for rusage().
Use argp instead of getopt_long (but we must first find out how to use
argp on non-glibc systems).
Have autoconf check for vsnprintf, and include an implementation for
systems that don't have it. Hmm. Perhaps we should use a custom
vprintf-like function anyway, so that we can write to our own streams,
not just to FILE * and fix buffers.
It seems that it is a little difficult to detect that an asyncronous
connect() failed; poll() indicates that both reading and writing is
possible, but write failes (with EPIPE/SIGPIPE) later. Perhaps a
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ generated_sources = atoms_defines.h atoms_gperf.c atoms_table.c \
prime_table.h sexp_table.h digit_table.h
liblsh_a_SOURCES = abstract_io.c abstract_crypto.c abstract_compress.c \
alist.c arcfour.c atoms.c \
algorithms.c alist.c arcfour.c atoms.c \
bignum.c blocking_write.c blowfish.c \
cascade.c cbc.c channel.c charset.c compress.c connection.c crypto.c \
debug.c des.c disconnect.c dss_keygen.c encrypt.c \
......@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ symmetric:
EXTRA_DIST = process_atoms make_class $(generated_sources) \
make_char_classes \
getopt.h jpoll.h \
$(cvs_headers) $(dist_x_files) make_am \
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