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Rev: ChangeLog:1.205
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2000-06-01 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/srp_exchange.c (srp_make_reply_msg): Check return value of
Use new SRP-related atoms. More debug output.
* src/srp-gen.c (make_srp_gen_options): Use make_ssh_ring_srp_1().
Use the sexp_format() function.
* src/sexp_commands.c (do_print_raw_hash_to): Use the sexp_format
function, rather than invoking the SSH_FORMAT method directly.
* src/spki_commands.c (do_spki_encrypt): Likewise.
* src/server_userauth.c (userauth_handler): New attributes
service_e and auth_e. WE use different exception handlers when
invoking the AUTHENTICATE method and when invoking the service.
(do_userauth_continuation): Simplified this continuation. It is
passed a user, and returns the connection.
(do_handle_userauth): When a service is eventually invoked, it is
passed a single argument: the connection. Previously, the user
object was passed as argument to the service.
(do_userauth): Clear the user attribute of the connection, and
display a warning message if the connection was already
(do_userauth): Don't call make_userauth_continuation() here.
* src/server_session.c: Deleted user attribute.
(make_server_session): Deleted user argument.
(open_session): Deleted user attribute.
(make_open_session): Deleted user argument.
(server_connection_service): #if:ed out
(spawn_process): Added user argument.
(do_alloc_pty): Use CAST macro. Get the user from the connection
(pty_request_handler): Statically allocated object, replaces the
make_pty_handler function.
* src/server_keyexchange.c (do_srp_server_proof_handler): Store
the authenticated user in the connection object.
* src/publickey_crypto.c (make_ssh_ring_srp_1): Use the generator
5. Unlike 7, 5 is a primitive root.
* src/lshd.c: Adapted to the simplified userauth-service
framework. Deleted lshd_services and calls to
* src/lsh.c (main_argp_parser): Use new srp-related atoms.
* src/dh_exchange.c (dh_hash_digest): Added debug-message.
* src/client_keyexchange.c (do_handle_srp_reply): Check return
value from srp_make_client_proof().
* src/ Renamed srp-group1-sha1 -> srp-ring1-sha1,
ssh-group1 -> ssh-ring1.
2000-05-31 Niels Mller <nisse@cuckoo.localdomain>
* src/lsh.c (main_argp_parser): Use make_srp1().
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