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(Hostauth options): Updated --host-db-update (used to be


Rev: doc/lsh.texinfo:1.54
parent 71ee5269
......@@ -1094,7 +1094,8 @@ The options that change this behaviour are
@table @option
@item --host-db
Specifies the location of the @acronym{ACL} file.
Specifies the location of the @acronym{ACL} file (by default
@item --sloppy-host-authentication
Tell @command{lsh} not to drop the connection if the server's key can not
......@@ -1103,21 +1104,14 @@ asks if it is trusted, and if it should be remembered for the future. If
you confirm both questions, the key is added to the file
@file{~/.lsh/host-acls}. If run in quiet mode, @samp{lsh -q
--sloppy-host-authentication}, @command{lsh} connects to any host, no
questions asked. @comment XXX Doesn't remember the key in this case.
@comment Also review how the --capture-to command line flag works.
questions asked (and without remembering the key for the future).
@item --strict-host-authentication
Disable sloppy operation (this is the default behaviour).
@item --capture-to
Use some other file than @file{~/.lsh/captured_keys}. For example,
lsh --sloppy-host-authentication --capture-to ~/.lsh/host-acls
@end example
makes @command{lsh} behave more like the @command{ssh} program.
@item --host-db-update
Used together with @option{--sloppy-host-authentication}, to specify the
file which @acronym{ACL}s for new hosts are appended to.
@end table
......@@ -1561,6 +1555,7 @@ this variable from the server process.
Files used by the lsh client, stored in the @file{~/lsh} directory:
@table @file
@comment FIXME: Document new host-acl file
@item captured_keys
Keys for remote hosts, saved when running @samp{lsh
--sloppy-host-authentication}. Or more precicely, each key is stored
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