Commit dde28637 authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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(check_rec_max_packet): New function, that adjusts

our advertised rec_window_size so that we won't exceed the
connection's packet size limit.
(format_open_confirmation): Call check_rec_max_packet.
(format_channel_open_s): Likewise.
(format_channel_open): Likewise.

Rev: src/channel.c:1.111
parent 23dd4b4b
......@@ -78,6 +78,29 @@ format_global_success(void)
return ssh_format("%c", SSH_MSG_REQUEST_SUCCESS);
/* The advertised rec_max_size must be a little smaller than SSH_MAX_PACKET,
* to make sure that our peer won't send us packets exceeding our limit for
* the connection. */
/* NOTE: It would make some sense to use the connection's
* rec_max_packet instead of the SSH_MAX_PACKET constant. */
static void
check_rec_max_packet(struct ssh_channel *channel)
/* Never advertise a larger rec_max_packet than we're willing to
* handle. */
if (channel->rec_max_packet > SSH_MAX_DATA_SIZE)
debug("check_rec_max_packet: Reduced rec_max_packet from %i to %i.\n",
channel->rec_max_packet, SSH_MAX_DATA_SIZE);
channel->rec_max_packet = SSH_MAX_DATA_SIZE;
struct lsh_string *
format_open_confirmation(struct ssh_channel *channel,
UINT32 channel_number,
......@@ -86,12 +109,14 @@ format_open_confirmation(struct ssh_channel *channel,
va_list args;
UINT32 l1, l2;
struct lsh_string *packet;
#define CONFIRM_FORMAT "%c%i%i%i%i"
#define CONFIRM_ARGS \
SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN_CONFIRMATION, channel->channel_number, \
channel_number, channel->rec_window_size, channel->rec_max_packet
debug("format_open_confirmation: rec_window_size = %i,\n"
" rec_max_packet = %i,\n",
......@@ -2023,6 +2048,8 @@ format_channel_open_s(struct lsh_string *type,
struct ssh_channel *channel,
struct lsh_string *args)
return ssh_format("%c%S%i%i%i%lS", SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN,
type, local_channel_number,
channel->rec_window_size, channel->rec_max_packet,
......@@ -2042,6 +2069,8 @@ format_channel_open(int type, UINT32 local_channel_number,
#define OPEN_ARGS SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN, type, local_channel_number, \
channel->rec_window_size, channel->rec_max_packet
debug("format_channel_open: rec_window_size = %i,\n"
" rec_max_packet = %i,\n",
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