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    * sparc64/aes-encrypt-internal.asm: The directory with the aes.m4 · 8d765bd2
    Niels Möller authored
    include file was renamed from "sparc" to "sparc32". Updated include.
    * sparc64/aes-decrypt-internal.asm: Likewise.
    * sparc32/aes-encrypt-internal.asm: Likewise.
    * sparc32/aes-decrypt-internal.asm: Likewise.
    Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.6
    Rev: nettle/sparc32/aes-decrypt-internal.asm:1.2
    Rev: nettle/sparc32/aes-encrypt-internal.asm:1.2
    Rev: nettle/sparc64/aes-decrypt-internal.asm:1.2
    Rev: nettle/sparc64/aes-encrypt-internal.asm:1.2
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