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    * (nettle_SOURCES): Added camellia.c and · a4d89a90
    Niels Möller authored
    (HEADERS): Added camellia.h.
    * camellia-meta.c: New file.
    * camellia.h: Rewrote interface to match nettle conventions.
    * camellia.c: Converted to nettle conventions.
    (camellia_encrypt128, camellia_encrypt256): Unified to new
    (camellia_encrypt): ...New function, with a loop doing 6
    regular rounds, one FL round and one FLINV round per iteration,
    with iteration count depending on the key size.
    Rev: nettle/ChangeLog:1.89
    Rev: nettle/
    Rev: nettle/camellia-meta.c:1.1
    Rev: nettle/camellia.c:1.2
    Rev: nettle/camellia.h:1.2