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ChangeLog entries for RSA PSS code.

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2017-04-04 Niels Möller <>
Merged RSA-PSS support, contributed by Daiki Ueno.
* pss-mgf1.h, pss.h: New header files.
* pss-mgf1.c (pss_mgf1): New file and function.
* pss.c (pss_encode_mgf1, pss_verify_mgf1): New file and
* rsa-verify.c (_rsa_verify_recover): New function.
* rsa-pss-sha256-sign-tr.c: (rsa_pss_sha256_sign_digest_tr): New
file and function.
* rsa-pss-sha256-verify.c (rsa_pss_sha256_verify_digest): New
file and function.
* rsa-pss-sha512-sign-tr.c (rsa_pss_sha384_sign_digest_tr)
(rsa_pss_sha512_sign_digest_tr): New file and functions.
* rsa-pss-sha512-verify.c (rsa_pss_sha384_verify_digest)
(rsa_pss_sha512_verify_digest): New file and functions.
* rsa.h: Prototypes for new functions.
* testsuite/rsa-pss-sign-tr-test.c: New test case.
* testsuite/pss-test.c: New test case.
* testsuite/pss-mgf1-test.c: New test case.
*, testsuite/ Added new files.
* nettle.texinfo: Documentation of rsa-pss functions.
2017-03-20 Niels Möller <>
* nettle-internal.h (NETTLE_MAX_HASH_CONTEXT_SIZE): New constant.
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