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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.196
parent 5a3de636
2003-05-12 Niels Mller <>
* rsa2openpgp.c (rsa_keypair_to_openpgp): Some bugfixes.
* pgp.h (enum pgp_subpacket_tag): New enum. Definition is bogus
and needs to be fixed.
Added forward declarations of structs, and prototypes for
pgp_put_public_rsa_key and pgp_put_rsa_sha1_signature.
* pgp-encode.c (pgp_put_mpi): Take a const mpz_t argument. Gugfix,
use nettle_mpz_get_str_256.
(pgp_put_public_rsa_key, pgp_put_rsa_sha1_signature):
Constification. Some bugfixes.
* Use "config.h", not <config.h>.
* Reordered includes in most or all .c-files. All should now
include config.h.
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