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Rev: src/nettle/ChangeLog:1.123
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2002-10-09 Niels Mller <>
* testsuite/testutils.c (test_dsa): Needs both public and private
key as arguments.
* testsuite/dsa-test.c (test_main): Updated to changes of the
private key struct.
* testsuite/ (TS_PROGS): Added dsa-test.
* rsa-decrypt.c (rsa_decrypt): Constification.
* rsa-encrypt.c (rsa_encrypt): Likewise.
* rsa.c (rsa_compute_root): Likewise.
* rsa_md5.c (rsa_md5_sign): Likewise.
(rsa_md5_verify): Likewise.
* rsa_sha1.c (rsa_sha1_sign): Likewise.
(rsa_sha1_verify): Likewise.
* dsa-verify.c (dsa_verify): Use const for the public key
* dsa-sign.c (dsa_sign): Needs the public key as argument, in
addition to the private key. Use const.
* dsa.h (struct dsa_private_key): Don't include the public
information here.
* dsa.c (dsa_private_key_init, dsa_private_key_clear): Updated to
new struct dsa_private_key.
* dsa-sign.c (dsa_sign): Bugfix, added missing mpz_init call.
* (libnettle_a_SOURCES): Added dsa files.
(libnettleinclude_HEADERS): Added dsa.h.
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