Commit 3f76113c authored by Niels Möller's avatar Niels Möller
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parent a747934e
2018-11-25 Niels Möller <>
* rsa-decrypt-tr.c (rsa_decrypt_tr): Use
* testsuite/rsa-sec-decrypt-test.c (rsa_decrypt_for_test): Tweak
valgrind marking, and document potential leakage of lowest and
highest bits of p and q.
......@@ -49,16 +49,19 @@ rsa_decrypt_tr(const struct rsa_public_key *pub,
TMP_GMP_DECL (m, mp_limb_t);
TMP_GMP_DECL (em, uint8_t);
mp_size_t key_limb_size;
int res;
TMP_GMP_ALLOC (m, mpz_size(pub->n));
key_limb_size = NETTLE_OCTET_SIZE_TO_LIMB_SIZE(key->size);
TMP_GMP_ALLOC (m, key_limb_size);
TMP_GMP_ALLOC (em, key->size);
res = rsa_sec_compute_root_tr (pub, key, random_ctx, random, m,
mpn_get_base256 (em, key->size, m, mpz_size(pub->n));
mpn_get_base256 (em, key->size, m, key_limb_size);
res &= _pkcs1_sec_decrypt_variable (length, message, key->size, em);
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